Researcher(s):Arica and Nathan

Official Name:the socilist ruilpuilc of veitnam the repuplek of south africa

Country:South Africa and Veitnam

Continent:Africa and Asia

Flag:The flag 1 yellow star looks like a shirt and has black, yellow, green, white, red,and blue,

Government Type: cummunistate replubleik

Head of State:troun tan sang jacob zuma
Currency:the currency of south africa is the rand they offer intoxicaing

National Holidays:indpendens day veitnam new years day

Capital:Hnoi pretoria

Major Cities:over 100 over 100

Area:471010 127243

Population:92,477,857 48,601,098

Literacy Rate:male 87% female 85%

School Life Expectancy Rate:

Life Expectancy Rate:

Religion:75% of south africas people are chrishtons.6.7% cathlic


Imports and Exports (commodies):cleets

Agricultural Products:

Current Environmental Issues (pollution, acid rain):

Natural Resources:

Fun Facts: