Researcher(s):KATRINA AND SHEA

Official Name:


Continent:South America, Asia

Flag :there is a yellow rombus and it says on it,ordem e progresso.White,blue,red.

Government Type:Russian Federation

Head of State:Dilma Rousseff Vladimir Putin

Currency:Real,Russian ruble

National Holidays: Ash Wensday,New Year's Day,

Capital:Moscow Caracas

Major Cities:14 12

Area:3.288 million sq miles 6.593 million sq miles

Population:199.3 million,over 142 million

Literacy Rate: 99.8 98.6

School Life Expectancy Rate 14 years boys 14 years girls 15
Life Expectancy Rate: 72.79 years 66.46 years

Religion:Roman Catholic

Climate:tropical climate humid

Imports and Exports (commodies):markets energy

Agricultural Products:transport equipment,iron ore , soybeans , footwear ,coffee, autos.petrolem and petorlem products ,natural gas,metals,wood and wood products,chemicals,and a wide variety of civillian and miliatairy maufautures.

Current Environmental Issues (pollution, acid rain):An Amazon Basin destroys some habitats and endangers some plants and animals.An air palloution comes from the heavy industry.

Natural Resources:Major industries have been developed and by involving with thouse business many Brazillians are making their livehood.Russia is the largest country in the world ,it covers a vast amount of topographiclly varied territory, including much that is insccessible by conventional modes of transportation.

Fun Facts:Brazilians drink black coffee .Often the Russains eat for dinner zakuski .