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Official Name:Poland Canada

Country:Poland Canada
Continent:Europe North America


Government Type: Republic A Parliamentary Democracy, A Federation, And A Constitutional Monarchy

Head of State:Broinshaw Komorowski David Johnston
Currency:Zloty Canadian Dollar

National Holidays:Three most popular holidays are All Saints Day, Easter, And Christmas
New Years Day, Easter, and Victoria Day To Name A Few
Capital:Warshaw Ottawa

Major Cities: Warshaw, Krakow, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary

Area:120,728 Square Miles Or 312,685 Square kilometers 3,855,103 square miles and 9,984,670 square kilometers

Population:38,415,284 People 34,300,083 People

Literacy Rate: 99.7% males and 99.4% females over age of 15 & 99% male and female over the age of 15 can read and write

School Life Expectancy Rate: 17 years Male 15 Years, Female 16 Years

Religion:90% Go To A Roman Catholic Church &42.6% Roman Catholic

Life Expectancy Rate: 72 Male 81 Female & male 78.89 female 84.21

Climate: Tons of plains running in the middle of Poland, and mountains on the southern boarder, 2nd biggest country, some parts wet or near-desert conditions, Alberta, Saskatchewan,

Manitoba are dominated by southern prairies

Imports and Exports (commodies):

Agricultural Products:

Current Environmental Issues (pollution, acid rain) acid rain, metal smelting, coal burning utilites, vehicle emissions, sulfur dioxide emission, coal-fired power plants,acid rain

Natural Resources:

Fun Facts: I'm part Polish,Poland is the 9 largest country in Europe, Canada goes across 6 time zones, In March 2012 the Canadian government stopped making pennies