Researcher(s):Lexa and Lincoln

Official Name:united mexican states and Republic of Chad

Country:Mexico and Chad

Continent:North America and Africa

Chad Flag
Chad Flag

Government Type:Federal Republic and Republic

Head of State:Enrique pena nieto and President Lt. Gen. Idriss DEBY Itno

Currency: Mexican peso and CFA franc

National Holidays: Independence Day, August 11

Capital: Mexico city and N'Djamena

Major Cities: Mexico city and N'Djamena

Area:758,449 and 1,284,000 square kilometers

Population: 114,975,406 and 11,193,452

Literacy Rate: Age 15 and over can read and write French or Arabic and

School Life Expectancy Rate: Total 7 years male 9 years female 5 years and total 7 years male 7 years female

Life Expectancy Rate: 48 (male) 51 (female) and 73 (male) 79 (female)

Religion: More than two hundred ethnic groups live in Chad and most Muslims are concentrated on Chads northeast side.

Climate: Tropical in south and desert in north and varies from tropical to desert

Imports and Exports (comedies) Oil, cattle, cotton, gum arabic.

Agricultural Products: Cotton,sorghum,millet,peanuts,rice,potatoes,and manioc.

Current Environmental Issues (pollution, acid rain): Not enough safe water, improper waste disposal in rural areas, and desertification. Harmful levels of sulfur dioxide or nitrogen oxide.

Natural Resources: Petroleum, uranium, fish (Lake Chad), Gold, limestone, sand and gravel, and salt.

Fun Facts:Mexico is a large country that sits between the united states
and centrel America. Lake of Chad is a natural wonder of the world and the nation's greatest tourist attraction. The average Chadian woman has 6 children.