Official Name:repubblica italiana & hindustan



Flag: white,circle in the middle,orange,green & green,white,red.

Government Type:federal republic & republic

Head of State:President&President

Currency:44.27 & 0.8

National Holidays:tuscany,umbria,liguria,amalfi,marche,lazio,piemonte,sardegna,sicly,veneto,lombardia,emilia ronagni.
diwli,ganesh chaturthi,holi,deli,varanasi,khajuraho,orchha,jhansi,arga,jaipur,jodipur,ranakpur,udaipur,mumbia.
Capital:new delhi & rome

Major Cities:venice,florence,milan,naples,verona,turin,bologna.mumbai,delhi,bangalore,hyderabad,
Area: 116,305 sq miles & 1.269 million sq miles

Population:60,770,000 & 1,241,491,960

Literacy Rate:100%&99.6%

School Life Expectancy Rate:16 years&10 years

Life Expectancy Rate:81.7&65.1

Religion:hindu & catholic

Climate:predominately Mediterranean; Alpine in far north; hot, dry in the south & varies from tropical monsoon in south to temperate in north.

Imports and Exports:Petroleum,green coffie,coco beens & wine,fruits,fuel.

Agricultural Products:fruit,vegetables,fish & rice,fish.

Current Environmental Issues (pollution, acid rain): pollution & acid,rain,pollution.

Natural Resources:coal,zinc & coal,iron,diamonds.

Fun Facts:Chess was invented in india &in india's 100,000 years it has never invaded another country & italy has a 65% chance that it has 5 million visiters right now.