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Official Name:

Country:Cuba and France

Continent:Europe and Central America

Flag: Five stripes [ blue and white] with a red triangle and a white star in the middle Three stripes one is red,blue,and white.
Government Type: Communist state Republic

Head of State: Llkka Heiskanen and Charles Murto

Currency: EURO PESO

National Holidays: January1 Triumph of the Revolution july14 Fete de la Federation 1790

Capital:paris HAVANA

Major Cities: Paris [ capital ] HAVANA [ capital ]

Area:110,860 sq. km. 643,801 sq. km. ; 551,500 sq. km. [ metropolitan France ]

Population:60,876,136 11,382,820

Literacy Rate: male 99.8% female 99.8% [ 2002 census ] male 99% female 99% [ 2003 est. ]

School Life Expectancy Rate: Total 18 years male 16 years female 19 years [ 2009 ] total 16 years male 16 years female 16 years
Life Expectancy Rate: 81.46 years 77.87 years

Religion: Roman catholic Roman Catholic85%,proteastant 2%,jewish 1%muslim 10%,unsffiliated 4%

Climate: Tropical ; moderated by trade winds; dry season [ november to april ] ; rainy season [ may to october ] generally cool winters and mild summers along the Mediterranean; occasional strong,cold,dry,north-to-northwesterly wind know as mistral
Imports and Exports (commodies): Oil, maufactured products , textiles. exprots acolohlic beverages ,aircraft parts,agriicultural products, weapons.petroleum,food,machinery and chemical = imports petroleum , nickel, medical products, sugar, fish, citrus, coffee = exports

Agricultural Products corn, soy beans, sugarcane, hydropower,and cheese sugar beets,wine,milk,beef and veal, cereals, and oilseeds

Current Environmental Issues (pollution, acid rain): acid rain air pollution nuclear disaster and destruction of rain forest some forest damage from acid rain; air pollution from industrial and vehicle emission; water pollution from urban waste, agricultural runoff.
Natural Resources:

Fun Facts: france is the largest european country in terms of land area after russia and ukraine. nearly 20% of the territory of france is out of europe over three quarters of cuban food is imported from other countries . people in cuba have slightly higher life expctancy than people in the united states