Researcher(s): Dylan and Kyler

Official Name:

Country:Egypt and

Continent:Australia and Africa


Government Type:Egypt Mongabay australia monarchy

Head of State:Australia Elizabeth Egypt Mohamed Morsi

Currency:Egyptian Pound and Australian dollar

National Holidays:revolution day Australia Jewish

Capital:Egypt Cario Australia Canberra
lia Sydney

Area:Egypt 387,000 sq. miles Australia 2.97 million miles

Population:Egypt 82,536,770 Australia 22,620,600

Literacy Rate:Egypt 52,256,895 Australia 83%

School Life Expectancy Rate:Egypt 11 years Australia

Life Expectancy Rate:Egypt 99% Australia 99%

Religion:Egypt polytheism Australia Christianity

Climate:Egypt very hot Australia pretty warm

Imports and Exports (comodies):Egypt they do they get car blankets Australia nuclear material New Zealand

Agricultural Products:Egypt gold diamonds coffee fish Australia iron gold and fish

Current Environmental Issues (pollution, acid rain):Egypt sandstorms earthquakes floods Australia floods
Natural Resources:Egypt...freshwater,environmental protection Australia energy export

Fun Facts:Egypt