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Official Name:ancient eygpt

Country:Eygpt Australia

Continent:Australia africa(eygpt)


Government Type: republic federal parliamentary democracy and a waelth Common realom interim goverment

Head of State: president Mohammed Morsi

Currencyaustralion doller egptian pound

National Holidays Australia day,labour day,anzac day,boxing day,AND MORE! lunar new year,anniversery of the revolution,arm forces day,AND MORE!

Capital canberra cairo
Major Cities: cairo

Area;7,741,220sq km 384,507(sq mi) 995,868(sq am)

Population 22,262,501 85,294,388
Literacy Rate:male 11 years female 11 years(2004)

School Life Expectancy Rate:16.6years 10.3years

Life Expectancy Rate:

Religion: islam(officalreligion) and muslim none(official religan)

Climate:hot dry summers with moderate winters generally arid to semarid temperate in south and east tropical in north

Imports and Exports (commodies):

Agricultural Products:

Current Environmental Issues (pollution, acid rain):

Natural Resources:

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