Mongolia,Cuba & Canada

Researcher(s): Tristan & MAYA & James

Official Name:

Country:Mongolia& Cuba & Canada

Continent:Asia & Central America and North america

Flag:Lone Star,Mongolia

Government Type:Communist state & Parliamentary

Head of State:Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj


National Holidays:Triumph of the Revolution Jan 1, Independence day,Revolution day

Capital:Havana & Ulan Bator

Major Cities:Ulaanbataar,Erdenet,Darhan,Khovd, Oygil,ULAAONGOM,HOVD,MURUM-KUREN,SUHBAATAR,BAYANHONGOR, HAVANA, Santiago de cuba,Camaguey,Holquin,Guant'anamo,Santa Clara,Las Tunas,Bayamo,

Area:land 1,553,556 land 109,820

Population:11,061,886 people 3,226,516,

Literacy Rate:male 99.8% female 99.8 male96.9% female 97.9%

School Life Expectancy Rate:total 18 years,male 16 years,female 19 years

Life Expectancy Rate: birth rate 9.96,and death rate 7.52

Religion:Roman Catholics 85%.Buddhist Lamaist 50% 79.8%
17.2% not belive in god
Climate:Tropical;Winds,very dry

Imports and Exports (commodies):copper,Apparel,Live stock,Animal products,Cashmere,Wool,Hides,Fluorspar, Coal,Other Nonferrous Metals

Agricultural Products:

Current Environmental Issues (pollution, acid rain):
Natural Resources:

Fun Facts:It is not traditional to fish in Mongolia.They say "If you cill a fish you will have bad luck."