Researcher(s):Kaylie G. and Casey T.

Official Name:Republic of Chile,Kingdom of Spain

Country:Chile and Spain

Continent:South America and Europe


Government Type:republic,parliamentary monachy

Head of State:President sebastian PINERA Echenique (since 11 march 2010,President of the government (prime Minister

aquivalent) Mariano RAJOY(since 20 December); Vice Presedent (and Minister of the President's)Soraya saenz de SANTAMARIA(since 22 December 2011)

Currency:chilean peso,Euro
National Holidays:Naval Battle of Iquique ( 21 May) "Independence Day(18 sept.)Armed Forces(19 sept.),Day of the Three Kings ( 6 Jan.), Labor Day ( 1 ,May), National Day (12 Oct.), All Saint's Day (1 Nov), Constitution Day (6 Dec.).
Major Cities:SANTIAGO,Valparaiso,MADRID,Barcelona,Valencia

Area:291,933 sq. mi.,195,124 sq. mi.
Population:17.07 million, 47.04 million
Literacy Rate:female 95.6%,male 95.8% over the age 15,female 97%,male98.5% over the age 15
School Life Expectancy Rate:female15 years male 15 years,female 17 years male 16 years
Life Expectancy Rate:female 34.1 years male 31.6 years,female42.2 male 3 9.7 years
Religion:Eighty-seven percent of Chileans profess a christian,Spain has no official religion but is largley a roman Cathlic nation;94 percent of the people are baptized.
Climate:The climate ranges from arid desert in the north to temperate in the central region and subarctic in the south,The northern coast enjoy a moderate climate with frequent rainfall year-round.
Imports and Exports (commodies):Imports and Exports suffered losses of more 20% in 2009.,Spain's trade plays a significant role in the nation's economy,accounting for more than half of its GDP.

Agricultural Products:grapes,apples,pears,onions,wheat,corn,oats,peaches,garlic,asparagus,beans,beef,poultry,wool,fish,timber, grain,vegetables,olives,wine grapes,sugar beets

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