Researcher(s): Meridan & Hunter

Official Name:The Republic of Brazil & Kalaallit Nunaat

Country:Brazil & greenland

Continent:South America & North America


Government Type:Federal Republic & prime minister

Head of State:Luiz Incio Da Silva & Marthgrethe II, Queen of Denmark

Currency: Real & kroner

National Holidays: Carnival and Independence Day & 21 june

Capital:Brasillia & Nuuk

Major Cities:Rio De Janero, Rio Branco, Sao Lusis, Amazonas, and many more & Nuuk,Sisimiut and Ilulissat and more

Area:3.288 million sq miles & 2,166,086 sq km

Population:199.3 million and growing at a rate of about 1.13 percent & 57,000 people

Literacy Rate: 90% & 100 %

School Life Expectancy Rate: 14 & can't find it

Life Expectancy Rate: Male: 69.24, Female: 76.53 & male : 68.6 female : 74.04

Religion:Romen Catholic & evangelical lutheran

Climate:Tropical Climate & Artic

Imports and Exports (commodies):Exports: Equipment, iron ore, footwear, coffee and autos - Import:Machinery, electrical equipment, transport equipment, and oil & import: pretty much anything needed to live comfortable export:ice

Agricultural Products: Coffee, soybeans,wheat, rice corn, sugarcane, coca, citrus, and beef & forage crops,garden and greenhouse vegies ;sheep,reindeer and fish

Current Environmental Issues (pollution, acid rain):Acid rain, deforestation, endangered species, air pollution, waste disposal & acid rains,aerosol,afforeststoin,asbestos,biodiversity,bio-indicators,Biomass, carbon cycle,Catchments and lots more

Natural Resources: Iron ore, magnesium,nickel, granite, limestone, clay, sand, tin, gold, platinum, uranium, gems, petroleum, phosphates, timber, and hydroeletric power & coal,iron ore,lead,zinc,diaands,gold,platinum,uranium,fish,seals and hydropower

Fun Facts: In the year 2000 Brazil Pantalal Wetlands was named a world heritage site to help protect its environmental damage. The Amazon River carries 20 percent of our river water. Forests cover more the half of Brazil. The largest Japenese culture (exept Japan) lives in Brazil. Brazils one of the worlds largest produces of coffee, oranges, and bananas. Nearly half of all private lands are ownd by the people.Around 85 percent of greenland is coverd in ice. Greenland has around 12 million seals in its waters. At about three times the size of Texas, Greenland is the largest island. All the population lives along the coast, as the interior of Greenland is unhaveted. There are many complexed nicknames in Greenlantic for many members of the family, the nicknames can indicate both the gender and age of the person being adressed as well as that of the person using the nickname. long-distance travel in Greenland is by plane or boat, as there are no roads cenecting towns.