Researcher(s):Wade & Donovan

Official Name:Federative Republic of Brazil & Argentina Republic

Country:Brazil & Argentina

Continent:South America & South america

Flag: blue and white stripes with a bright yellow sun in the middle & blue circle inside a yellow diamond inside a green rectangle

Government Type: Republic Government & Federal Government

Head of State: Cristina Elisabet Fernandez de Kirchner & Luiz Inacio Da Silva

Currency: peso & real

National Holidays: New Year, Truth and Justice Memorial Day, Veteran's Day and Malvina's Day, Workers' Day, First Independent Government's Day, Independence Day, Virgin Mary's & New Year’s Day, Tiradentes’ Day, Labour Day, Christi Independence Day, Our Lady of Aparecida, All Souls Day.
Capital: Brasillia & Buenos Aires

Major Cities: Buenos Aires, Cordoba, La Plata, Mar del Plata, Mendoza, Rosario, San Miguel de Tucuman, San Carlos de Bariloche & Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Porto Alerge

Area: 3,265,059 square miles & 1,073,510 square miles

Population: 201,009,622 & 42,610,981

Literacy Rate: 88.6% & 98.1%

School Life Expectancy Rate: 14 years & 16 years

Life Expectancy Rate: 77 & 72

Roman Catholicism (64.6%) Protestantism (22.2%) Non religious (8%). Other religions (5.2%) & Christiantly (67%), Other religions (7%), Islam (1%), buddhism(1%), Non-Religous (15%), Not stated (9%)

Climate: 51F to 75F & 80F to 100F

Imports and Exports (commodies) Imports machinery, electrical equipment, transport, equipment, and oil Exports transportation equipment iron ore soybeans footwear coffee autos & imports Machinery, Motor Viechles, petroleum and natural Gas, organic, Chemicals, plastics Exports soybeans and derivatives petroleum and gas vehicles corn wheat
Agricultural Products: Coffee, corn, cotton, wheat, Soy & Soybeans, wheat, livestock, tea, peanuts, grapes, corn, lemon, Sunflower seeds

Current Environmental Issues (pollution, acid rain): Deforestation, Acid Rain, Endangered Species, Air Pollution, Waste Disposal & Deforestation , soil degradation , Desertification , Air Pollution , and Water Pollution

Natural Resources: fertile plains of the pampas, lead, zinc, tin, copper, iron, ore, manganese, petroleum & Gold, Iron, Ore, Manganese, Nickel, Phosphates, Platinum, Tin, Uranium, Petroleum, Hydro Electricity Power, Timber, Diamonds, Granite, Limestone, Clay, Sand, Rubber
Fun Facts: In Buenos Aries gets an average of 39 inches of rain a year.
Argentina is the 32nd most populated country in the world.
Argentina is the 8th biggest country in area.
Brazil Speeks Portugeese.
5th most populated country.
Brazil is the 5th most biggest country in area.